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Henderson Police arrest man in connection with home burglaries

Henderson Police arrest man in connection with home burglaries

Henderson Police and Metro Police have arrested a man in connection with a series of  home burglaries in both Henderson and Las Vegas.

According to police, 36-year-old Michael Hoffman was arrested March 25 after crime scene analysts connected him to a Las Vegas burglary scene through DNA. His DNA profile was already in the system because of an extensive criminal history.

After he was arrested, police searched his home and found evidence linking him to home burglaries around southern Nevada. They also found his red Ford F-150 pickup truck, which witnesses reported seeing in the areas of the burglaries.

Police say Hoffman would enter through the back of the house and grab whatever he could find in 20 to 30 seconds. He stole items that were small and easy to carry, like jewelry and cash.

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Henderson’s higher pay scale for employees questioned

The city of Henderson's budget problems have people talking about the salaries' city employees are taking home.

Discussion of possible tax hikes in Henderson have raised questions about the city’s employee pay structure, which has trended higher than neighboring communities.

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Henderson budget shortfall could mean higher taxes, fees

HENDERSON, Nev. -- The City of Henderson is staring down the barrel of a $19 million budget shortfall. Proposed ways to bridge the gap include cutting services at local parks and recreation centers and increasing property taxes.

City officials say they want to hear from the public on the best way to make the cuts and what community members think about paying more to use city services.

Kim Dacasshe is a regular at Henderson Multigenerational Recreation Center. She brings her son Christian to the center every week for swim lessons.

"There's a lot of activities, always something to do," she said.

She isn’t thrilled to hear the City of Henderson is considering raising fees and cutting services at all its parks and recreation centers to save money.

“I stay at home, my husband works,” Dacasshe said. “I guess there are going to be sacrifices that will need to be made."

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Henderson’s new-parks push puts pressure on maintenance costs

The city of Henderson wants to open more parks and open space around the city, but finances could get in the way of that plan.

Henderson officials are looking at new ways to cover park maintenance after opening more than a dozen new parks during the recession.

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Family says daughter was 'bullied to death'

LAS VEGAS -- The family of a Clark County middle school student says bullying led to her death. Thirteen-year-old Hailee Lamberth's father Jason Lamberth spoke to the school board Thursday and demanded something be done to stop more lives from being lost.

Cases of bullying have recently grabbed headlines.

A girl went to the hospital following a fight at O'Callaghan Middle School. An unrelated school trend in which middle school students randomly slap others on the butt and share it on social media is also grabbing attention. "Slap Ass Friday' is sexual harassment , according to many parents.

The agony of bullying is constant for the Lamberth family. Jason aired his frustrations Thursday night.

Construction on Galleria Dr. forcing side street closure

Construction on Galleria Dr. forcing side street closure

A road construction project in Henderson will force the closure of a side street used by residents of a subdivision.

The city of Henderson is working on adding a section to Galleria Drive past Pabco Road. However, to allow for paving operations along Galleria Drive, crews will need to close McCormick Road.

The closure means residents in the Weston Hills subdivision will need to enter and exit their neighborhood along Weston Ridge Street.

The closure is expected to last through April 30.