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The clouds just seem endless

Clouds will keep streaming across our skies again today, as the sun struggles to shine through. Temps should make it to slightly above normal today and then warmer tomorrow, but Sherry’s #WeatherNOW forecast has breezy and cooler changes for our last week of fall and they start this weekend... Read More

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LIVE: Judiciary Committee nears impeachment vote

WASHINGTON (WFLA) – The House Judiciary Committee could vote on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as soon as Thursday.

We will be updating this story with the latest from Thursday’s hearing. Newest updates will appear at top, all times ET:

The committee met for several hours on Wednesday night to begin deliberating on the two articles that were introduced against the president on Tuesday for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. House Democrats announced the articles after weeks of public hearings featuring testimony from key witnesses, law scholars and attorneys for each party.

During Wednesday night’s markup hearing, each member of the Judiciary Committee gave opening statements on the articles. Democrats, who hold the majority in the House, reiterated that the president is not above the law. Republicans argued that there’s no solid proof President Trump committed an impeachable offense... Read More

My cause, my cleats allows players to express

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Some say the National
Football League is the ‘no fun league’ and sometimes the critics are right with
the all the rules as well as the restrictions.

There is a
day once each season, when the league comes to its senses and allows players to
express themselves for a cause. Strong support has grown through the years with
hundreds of players participating in Oakland last Sunday.

8 News Now Sports Director Chris
Maathius has the story. ... Read More

Henderson ‘Hope Squad’ launches Thursday at 12 schools

HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — Teen suicide is a very sensitive and popular topic, brought to light in social media, and with popular shows like “13 Reasons Why.” In Henderson, city, community and school leaders are all working together to give young people help if they need it.

Hope Squad is a school-based peer support program that trains students how to recognize signs of emotional issues in their classmates. The Henderson Hope Squad will launch on Thursday at seven middle schools and five high schools.

It’s a first of its kind program in Nevada that will be implemented through a partnership between the City of Henderson and the Clark County School District. The Henderson mayor started the program after the death of 14-year-old Kiera Hawkes, a Bob Miller student who lost her life to suicide last year... Read More

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What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Local event discusses theories of fact & fiction

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —A decades old question of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa was the center of a local panel Wednesday, as three experts discussed a variety of theories.

The legendary teamster vanished on July 30, 1975 in the parking lot of a restaurant outside Detroit, Michigan. His body was never found, but he was declared legally dead in 1982. 

“What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?” local event attendee Kip Headley asked. 

“Was he done away with?” attendee Bruce Moore added. “Was he cremated?”

The popular motion picture “The Irishman” has sparked a round of fresh dialogue. The plot centers around alleged Mafia hit man Frank Sheeran pulling the trigger and killing Hoffa. 

Therefore, people packed The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas Wednesday night for “Fact, Fiction & The Irishman: The Hoffa Murder.” Three journalists who’ve studied the case for decades discussed the widely accepted theory of Sheeran killing Hoffa. ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Elaine Wynn shares more about the unique Giving Machine

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Giving Machine in downtown Summerlin makes it easier for you to give to someone in need. So far this season, it’s been tremendously successful. 8 News Now had an exclusive chance to speak with local businesswoman and philanthropist Elaine Wynn about the machine.

It works just like a normal vending system, but instead of dispensing snacks, it gives people the chance to pay it forward.

Wynn leads the efforts for several local charities involved, and she shared how much it means to spread joy in such a unique way.

“While you’re here and all the stores and all this is going on, first of all, you feel a little guilty, then you come upon the Giving Machine. What an idea to see ‘I can share my good fortune with others,'” she said.

The Giving Machine is just one of 10 in the world! It’s made just over $400,000 so far and will be in place through Jan. 1. ... Read More

‘Toxic Beauty’ sells out local showing

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A documentary meant to pull back the curtain on the dangers behind everyday beauty products was a hit at Regal Village Square Theater on Wednesday night. The showing of “Toxic Beauty” sold out, with locals packing the place to see the eye-opening film.

“Toxic Beauty” takes an in-depth look at how big pharmaceutical companies are linked to health issues in consumers. The film examines Johnson & Johnson and other prominent brands, and shows how many were negligent in alerting the public to the health issues.

The film was released in Canada earlier this year. The documentary was shown at select theaters across the U.S on Wednesday... Read More