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Henderson community coordinates Anthem Crime Watch to prevent break-ins

After a Henderson community saw a spike in break-ins in their neighborhood, they decided to take action.

Due to the series of violent break-ins, a group of volunteers banded together with the help of the Henderson Police Department to keep an eye out for each other.

8 News NOW Reporter Nia Wong spoke with Henderson Police and representatives of the Anthem Crime Watch about how things have improved, and apparently, there hasn't been a single burglary since the group of volunteers started working with police to keep an eye out to make sure the area stays safe. ... Read More

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Motorcyclist killed in crash in Sun City Anthem

A motorcyclist is dead following a crash in Sun City Anthem, Henderson Police said.

The crash happened just before 1p.m. at Sun City Anthem Drive and Hayden Creek Terrace and involved a motorcyclist and Toyota Prius.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the crash scene. The driver of the Prius is cooperating with the police... Read More

3 women arrested for stealing from multiple Victoria's Secret stores

Henderson Police arrested three women in connection with stealing from multiple Victoria's Secret stores throughout the valley, including one store in Henderson.

Taja Banks, 24, Kendra Cole-Matthews, 23, and Deondra McGregory, 22, are accused of entering the Victoria's Secret store at the District at Green Valley. Officers said the women walked into the store and grabbed items from the display tables before running out of the store.

According to police, this happened on five different occasions, and the estimated loss to the stores is at about $10,000. Officers said no one was injured in the burglaries.

Cole-Matthews and McGregory were arrested around 6 p.m. in Las Vegas, in the area of Cheyenne Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard on Sunday, Nov. 27 and Banks was arrested on Wednesday night at noon near North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas without incident.

The women were booked into the Henderson Detention Center... Read More

New program to register home surveillance systems with Metro

For the first time, Metro is asking valley homeowners to notify them if they have a home surveillance system.

It will make it easier for them to look for video when a crime is committed.

Currently, when officers respond to a crime scene, they have to look around for any cameras that might have picked something up. It takes time to find the owners and look at the video.

If people with security cameras register with the department, police will have a list of addresses and contact numbers so they can quickly ask permission to see video that often helps solve crimes. The new program is called Vegas SafeCam and is already in use in Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Salt Lake City.

Registering your surveillance system with the department is completely voluntary. However, the more privately owned cameras they have on record, the more effective the program will be... Read More

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Urban drone test site coming to Henderson

The City of Henderson wants to lead the way in drone technology by hosting the first urban test site for unmanned aircraft in the state.

Three years ago, Nevada became one of six designated UAS test site operators. This encourages the integration of drones into air traffic systems.

On Monday, Henderson officials announced the city was picked to pave the way for commercial drone usage.

"It's a really exciting opportunity not only for the City of Henderson and Nevada State College but also for the entire state," said Keith Paul, a spokesman for the City of Henderson

According to Paul, the test site will be unique because of the obstacles the drone pilots will face.

"It's very interesting because this is not a test site that is just open space. This urban area will have obstructions and allow people to really test the uses of their unmanned systems," said Paul... Read More

Henderson police 1st in Nevada using US data portal program

Police in Henderson say they're the first law enforcement agency in Nevada to begin working with a searchable federal internet site providing crime statistics data to the public.

Police Chief Patrick Moers says the Police Data Initiatives system adds transparency for the public about department activities.

The database at - publicsafetydataportal.org - provides the most commonly requested community crime statistics collected by the FBI, plus information on police uses of force and shootings.

The program was developed by the Justice Department, and it's being used by more than 120 law enforcement agencies nationwide... Read More

Website promises simpler way to apply for U.S. citizenship

In the midst of uncertainty among the immigrant community, many of them are scrambling to gain legal status, but the application process can be complicated. However, a new tech company that's relocating to the Las Vegas valley has promised to have an easier way of filing paperwork for U.S. citizenship.

Fileright.com is an online company that recently moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Henderson. The company says the relocation is happening as the website has been picking up high volumes of traffic following the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Upon taking office, President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to deport between two and three million undocumented immigrants immediately. It was the presidential election that encouraged Sergio Severo's Italian mother to finally apply for citizenship... Read More