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Neighbors: Man Accused of Murdering Toddler had Notorious Temper

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Cody Geddings is behind bars at the Henderson Detention Center with no bail, charged with murdering a toddler.

Sixteen-month-old Addison Weast died Friday at UMC from severe head injuries. Police say 24-year-old Geddings changed his story, first claiming Weast fell out of her crib, and then saying a heavy gas cylinder fell on her. This is not his first time he's been arrested or accused of child abuse. Geddings has been before many judges in his day for charges from burglary to grand larceny.

He's due in court next month for squeezing his five-week-old son last year, causing serious injury. But this time, police say he killed Weast, a blue-eyed baby described by loved ones as "a little angel."

In Loving Memory of Addison Weast

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Governor Gibbons News Conference Today on Health Reform

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons will hold a news conference in Las Vegas to announce what he intends to do about federal health reform.

The Republican governor has been publicly feuding with Democratic Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, who refused his directive to sue the federal government over the bill passed by Congress and signed last month by President Obama. Gibbons' news conference is at noon Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Gibbons argues the law tramples state's rights and amounts to unfunded mandates that will cost the state millions in added Medicaid costs. Masto says the Constitution gives Congress broad powers to regulate commerce. She says 14 other states have already sued, and that any outcome would apply to Nevada even if the state doesn't join the suit.

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Man Accused in Beating Child to Death

HENDERSON, Nev. -- A Henderson man appeared in court Monday morning on charges he killed a little girl he was babysitting.

Cody Geddings made his initial appearance on a murder charge. The 24-year-old is accused of beating his girlfriend's 16-month-old daughter, Addison Weast, so severely that she died from her injuries on April 2nd.

Family members say the child was rushed to the hospital after the beating on March 31st. According to the police report, the girl's skull was shattered on her right side.

The child's mother, Jaime Higgons, told police that she left the child with Geddings while she attended a class. She told the hospital that the child fell out of a playpen, which is what she was told by Geddings. The hospital staff contacted police after noting the injuries were too severe for a fall.

New Henderson Health Clinic Focuses on Nerve Pain

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas is a hot spot of people suffering from nerve damage and that has enticed one doctor to open a new clinic in Henderson.

Dr. Tim Tollestrup of the new Neuropax Clinic is tackling diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome. He says there is a nerve damage problem unique to Las Vegas. It involves casino blackjack dealers who are injured from the repeated motion of dealing up to a 700 hands an hour. Casino dealers are just one group of people facing repetitive nerve pain. He also points out Las Vegas retirees who make up a larger than national average number of diabetes cases. Shirley Clucas describes the debilitating pain she faced.

"A sharp pain just like a knife going through your foot and ankle. It would happen in the night several times," said Shirley Clucas, a diabetic patient.

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Program to Offer Incentives for Short Sale Homes

A new effort that hopes to speed up the process of selling your home if it's worth more than you owe is underway.

The Obama Administration's program will give $3,000 for moving expenses to homeowners who complete a short sale or agree to turn over the deed of their property to the lender.

Under the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program, borrowers will get the relocation incentive.  Servicers, investors and second lien holders will also get incentives as well. 

Once homeowners come to their lenders with bonafide offers, they'll have to be accepted within 10 days. 

United States Coast Guard Weighing Anchor In Nevada

LAS VEGAS -- The U.S. Coast Guard is weighing anchor on operations at two navigation broadcasting station in Nevada. The commander of a ground-based long-range navigation system says Global Positioning System satellites have made the so-called LORAN system obsolete.

The 24-station network stopped broadcasting Feb. 8. Now, stations in Searchlight and Fallon are being decommissioned as part of a move to save $37 million per year in operation costs. The station near Searchlight, about 60 miles south of Las Vegas, isn't the only "awkward place" for a Coast Guard station. The service also has duty stations in Kansas, New Mexico, Montana and northern Minnesota.

Easter Egg Hunt Helps Raise Money and Awareness for Local Charity

LAS VEGAS -- An Easter Egg Hunt at Lake Las Vegas was a huge hit Sunday, but it was more than just a fun-filled event. This year it helped raise money and awareness for a very important charity. The Children's Heart Foundation.

The founder of Children's Heart Foundation, Lyn Acebo, says for families who don't have health insurance the medical bills alone can drive them into bankruptcy. This foundation wants to let families know there is help.

Sunday's race was on to get as many eggs in a basket as the Easter Egg Hunt at the Village in Lake Las Vegas carried on its annual tradition and this year the charity of choice was the children's heart foundation.

"I have cardiomyopathy it's a heart disease that weakens the muscle," said Julia Carlson, Suffers from Cardiomyopathy.