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Protesters Demonstrate at Obama's Town Hall

HENDERSON, Nev. -- From healthcare, to unemployment, to anti-Las Vegas comments made by the president, not everyone was happy Barack Obama was in Las Vegas Friday.

Protestors gathered outside Green Valley High School to let him know how they feel.

There were at least 100 people at the rally, but you could hardly see the protestors because of all the signs -- signs calling the president a liar and telling him to go back home.

While it was a peaceful demonstration, what protesters say they really wanted was an apology.

SLIDESHOW: President Obama's Town Hall Meeting

"Obama, don't come back to Nevada. We don't want you here," said Sondra Walz.

Dozens of protestors held signs expressing their disapproval of the president's comments and his economic policies.

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Henderson Police Investigate Shooting

HENDERSON --  Police are investigating a shooting that happened near the Del Webb Middle School in Henderson around 8:30 a.m.

Police say a 56-year-old man and his wife were walking along a path in a wash area two blocks from the school when the man felt something hit his neck. Henderson Police say the man was shot. He was transported to a local hospital where he was treated and released. The school was put on lock down as a precaution for about two hours.

At this point, police say they do not have any evidence to suggest the man was targeted. Police did go house to house in the neighborhood searching for witnesses. Several did report hearing the shot.

Anyone with information is asked to call Henderson Police at 267-4750.


A Controversial Student Play Debuts at Green Valley High School

LAS VEGAS - A controversial student play premiered at Green Valley High School Thursday night.

The debut of "Rent" comes after a group of parents failed to close the curtain on the production. The parents filed a lawsuit in October to block the productions of "Rent" and "The Laramie Project", arguing that their themes of homosexuality and drugs are too mature for teens. "Why is it that all of a sudden they have decided to select two productions that are full of nothing but adult content," attorney and Green Valley High School parent Cory Hilton asked in October. A District Court judge disagreed with the plaintiffs and allowed the shows to proceed.

"Rent" cast members were thrilled to finally take the stage Thursday night. "It has nothing to do with drugs," Green Valley High School Senior Sarah Balogh said. "There is that in the show, but I think mostly it's about compassion and looking past those things in a person."

Missing 13-Year-Old Found Safe

HENDERSON, Nev. -- The search is over for a 13-year-old Henderson boy who ran away from home Monday.

Police found Jon Matthew Kacperski at the Lowes parking lot on Boulder Highway. He was uninjured but transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Police say Jon Matthew was last seen Monday at 5 p.m. riding his bike down near College and Boulder Highway. In a note left behind he said he was going to kill himself.

"He better know that I love him. Come home, stop this dumb [expletive], we can get through whatever happens. I don't know what is happening," said Terry Kacperski.

According to the family, Jon Matthew has tried to commit suicide at least twice. He also ran away from home about one week ago, but came back.

Kacperski says his son has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals. He is also currently on anti-depressants which he didn't take with him. Early Monday, police searched with helicopters and K-9 units.

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Neighbors Thankful After Home-Invasion Shooting

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Two armed suspects in Henderson are facing burglary, weapons and kidnapping charges after breaking into a home Sunday.

One of those suspects fled and chose the wrong house to hide in. An off-duty Metro police officer discovered the suspect in his home and shot him in the leg.

Neighbors say they witnessed only a few minor break-ins within the last decade. But they would have never expected a home invasion and officer involved shooting would happen near their homes.

"We weren't quite sure what was going on, but it was surprising to see the street blocked and the helicopters flying overhead," said neighbor Kathy Puckoris.

When police arrived, one suspect was caught and the other fled about a block down, mistaking picking the home of an off-duty Metro officer to hide in.

Off-Duty Officer Shoots Alleged Home Invader

Henderson, Nev. - An off-duty Metro Police officer has shot a suspect in an alleged home invasion.

Henderson Police say the suspect was one of two who invaded a separate home near Sun Pillars and Solar Wind. Police say both men were armed with guns. Someone called 911. When police arrived at that location, the suspects fled the scene.

Police say the suspects hid in the home of the off-duty officer. When the officer discovered them, he shot one suspect in the leg and detained both suspects. It is unclear whether he detained them alone or called for help. The condition of the shooting victim is unknown.

Hundreds of Teachers Face Uncertain Job Future

LAS VEGAS -- Unless the Clark County School District can find other ways to cut about $125 million from its budget, more than 500 local teachers could get pink slips in May.

The Clark County Education Association which represents teachers says it's in negotiations with the school district to try to save as many teaching jobs as possible.

While schools brace for the worst-case scenario, the union is telling its members not to panic and not to believe every thing they hear.

"I've always said that a teacher's working conditions are a student's learning conditions so when you have teachers who, on top of everything else they have to deal with, testing, mandates, lesson plans, are now worried about whether they're gonna have a job or not, it's just another added pressure," said Ruben Murillo, Clark County Education Association.