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Pedestrian Killed While Crossing Boulder Highway

HENDERSON, Nev. -- A 55-year-old man was struck and killed by a car when he attempted to cross Boulder Highway Tuesday night.

The driver of the car, Chandra Gibson, was traveling in a southbound lane near Major Avenue when she struck the man around 11 p.m. Henderson Police say it is unclear if the pedestrian was in the crosswalk. The driver was not cited but the crash is still under investigation. Toxicology reports are pending on the pedestrian.

The southbound lanes of the Boulder Highway were closed for more than three hours while police investigated.

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Henderson Library Patrons Disappointed by Plans to Close

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Two Henderson libraries are being forced to close in the next few days.

Earlier this month, Henderson voters turned down a tax initiative which would have raised property taxes by roughly $7 to $10 to keep the libraries open.

The Malcolm Library near Seven Hills Drive and Sunridge Heights Parkway will close next Friday. The Galleria Library, which is located at the Galleria at Sunset, will close Wednesday.

The closures have impacted the jobs of about 15 people. Most of those workers have been placed in another job in the library system.

People who use the libraries are disappointed that not enough voters realized the importance of libraries.

Marilyn Lynt is one of those people. When her grandchildren visit from Georgia, the Malcolm Library is one of their first stops.

Lion Habitat Offers Chance to Become Trainer for a Day

Lion Habitat Offers Chance to Become Trainer for a Day

HENDERSON - Have you ever dreamed of being a lion trainer? Now, you can at the Lion Habitat Ranch south of Las Vegas. You don't need a chair and whip to help tame the forty big cats at the ranch - just a lot of love. That's the secret for owner Keith Evans who has spent four decades raising his big babies.

"Their personalities all vary. They're individuals. Some are more loving than others," he said. "They have a trust that you have to build up, and that's mainly what we work on."

Learn More About the Lion Habitat Ranch

While it isn't recommended you snuggle up to the lions like Evans, trainers for the day get a real taste of caring for this pride of pampered stars.

Police ID Officers in Henderson Shooting

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Henderson Police have released the names of the officers involved with a shooting that left a suspect critically injured.

Sgt. Todd Wellman, employed with Henderson Police since 1990, Officer Ritch Melchert, employed with Henderson Police since 1997, and Officer Wavie Reed, employed with Henderson Police since 2000, were all involved with the incident that happened Wednesday afternoon inside an Albertsons grocery store near Lake Mead Parkway and Boulder Highway.

The officers are all assigned to the SWAT unit and are currently on routine paid administrative leave.

They shot 36-year-old Jake Goldsborough after he pointed what they thought was a gun, but it turned out to be a pellet gun painted to look like a semi-automatic weapon. He is in critical condition at Sunrise Hospital.

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Lion Habitat Provides Home for Former Strip Performers

Lion Habitat Provides Home for Former Strip Performers

HENDERSON - Keith Evans is king of the jungle called the Lion Habitat Ranch. The six and a half acre ranch – which sits ten miles south of the Las Vegas Strip – houses forty big cats. Miles of open desert help insulate the habitat from nearby homes.

Keith and wife Beverly have hand-raised three generations of cats that were originally sired by parents Sugar and Baby. The parents are gone, but not forgotten. The Evans' relationship with their beastly kids might seem unnatural for some people, but not for them.

"They treat us with respect, and we treat them the same way," Keith said. "They are our children. It's seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This is what I know how to do."

For years, Keith and the cats made a good living showing off their pride at the MGM Grand's Lion Habitat attraction. That contract ended in January, but it's easy to see the former stars of the Strip are still living a pampered life.

Workers at Henderson Hostess Plant Lose Their Jobs

Hostess bakery in Henderson, Nevada.

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Snack food lovers and those with sweet tooth's may be mourning the loss of the Twinkie but the news is a much harsher reality for the 18,000 people now without work. Some of those employees work in Nevada. 

Hostess, the maker of Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs and Twinkies, announced Friday it was going out of business.

Hostess has 259 employees in Nevada. There are 171 people who work inside the baking facility in Henderson and many more who deliver the famous baked goods. Workers arriving to the Henderson facility Friday were told they no longer had jobs.

A work strike began at Hostess in November after employees learned the company planned to cut wages. Hostess officials say there were not enough employees to maintain operations so it was decided to liquidate the company.

Hostess began winding down operations at 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers and 570 bakery outlets around the nation.

Henderson Woman Accused of Abusing Dog at Boston Station

Ana Prada

BOSTON (AP) -- A Nevada woman was arrested and animal control officers seized her Yorkshire terrier after police say witnesses saw her beating the dog in a Boston train station bathroom.

Witnesses told police 26-year-old Ana Prada suspended the animal by its leash, and punched and kicked it at South Station. A woman alerted transit police after witnessing the alleged beating Thursday morning.

Authorities say the dog, named Dolce, was dressed in a pink bow and striped sweater.

Prada of Henderson, Nev., was in Boston for arraignment on a drug trafficking charge after allegedly leaving two gloves full of painkillers in an airport hotel in September. She pleaded not guilty Friday and was ordered to wear a GPS monitor and not to leave the state without permission.

Prada pleaded not guilty Thursday to animal cruelty.