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Casa de Shenandoah hosts last event before it closes for renovations

Wayne Newton's gates could be closing for good. The iconic performer's sprawling property at Casa de Shenandoah likely hosted its last public event Thursday night.

The Nevada Society for the Prevention and Cruelty of Animals held its 'Animals in Wonderland' event there on Thursday.

The property was first opened for public tours in 2015. It was announced this week that those tours would stop to upgrade the facilities, but some fear it may never reopen.

"So many of us drive by this place every single solitary day, and to be on the other side of the wall and see and experience what goes on over here on a daily basis, is something that's incredible," said Kathy Jung, president of the Nevada SPCA.

The Nevada SPCA was one of the first organizations to have an event at Casa de Shenandoah, so it's bittersweet that Thursday's event could be the last event held at the estate.

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Henderson Police warn of arrest warrant phone scam

A phone scam where someone calls and saying you have to pay up because you have outstanding warrants or have missed jury duty is happening to people in Clark County, so Henderson Police have sent out a warning.

According to authorities, the calls are coming from someone claiming to be a police officer or court marshals. Many scammers manipulate caller I.D.'s to make the number appear as if it was to come from the local police station or jail, which makes it seem legitimate for residents -- but it's not.

"We deal with many different types of phone scams," said Scott Williams, a public information officer for the Henderson Police department.

Williams says the police department has seen an uptick in these particular phone calls. ... Read More

What's Driving You Crazy - Feb. 21, 2018

HENDERSON, NV - i n a previous "Driving You Crazy" story we learned that the City of Henderson says all options are on the table when it comes to untangling the traffic tie-ups on Eastern between the 215 and Horizon Ridge. And that includes the possibility of completely revamping the freeway-like crossing at St Rose Parkway.

Henderson City Engineer Tom Davy told us about the possibility of a flyover there. and that Eastern itself *could* someday become a super-arterial, similar to Desert Inn Road in Las Vegas. But Tom says they're not just looking at north-south options: "Some of the east-west corridors that the city is currently addressing is. . we are building a segment of Sunridge Heights Parkway between 7 Hills Drive and Executive Airport Drive. so that should draw some of the traffic away from the Eastern Avenue corridor out to the west. ... Read More

Snapped power poles leave Henderson residents in the dark

The strong winds snapped a half-dozen utility poles in Henderson leaving residents in the dark.

At one point, nearly 1,300 customers were without power near Horizon and College drives, but by mid-Monday that number lowered to around 440 customers.

In all , five power poles and one telephone pole, along Arrowhead Trail came crashing down. The neighborhood behind the impacted road was blocked in at one point, power lines were left dangling just inches off the ground.

It was not the way some in Henderson expected to begin their Monday.

"Craziness, I thought it was Armageddon," said Kathleen Megofna, neighbor.

Her morning was interrupted when the six large poles were snapped in half by the powerful winds that started Sunday night.

"And now there's, there's no way to get IHOP," she said.

It took several hours for NV Energy and Cox Communications to clean up the mess. People who couldn't get through stood by and watched... Read More

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Basketball jersey of 1 October shooting victim's retired at Basic High

The youngest victim in the 1 October shooting was honored in a ceremony at his high school Wednesday night.

However, Quinton Robbins' story didn't end on October 1 because the loved ones that he left behind, his former teammates, his friends, and his parents are making sure that this is just the beginning.

Robbins was a star on and off the court.

"I definitely miss his smile and his laugh. He could light up a room," Chaze Lucero, Robbins' friend said.

There have been so many moments of silence ceremonies since the 1 October shooting, but the one held for Robbins Wednesday night was different Quinton Robbins was celebrated loudly.

Robbins' friends called him kind.

"Every summer, we'd go out with 10-15 people out on his boat, and he'd take everybody out, and he brought everyone together," said J.D. Ebert, friend. "He did all of that. He was a great leader. Just the kind of person he was."

His father calls him a hero... Read More

City of Henderson Manager announces retirement

City of Henderson City Manager Robert "Bob" Murnane announced his retirement Monday saying he needs to focus on his health following a serious illness.

"I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given to serve as City Manager and it has been an honor to work for the Mayor and Council in this important leadership role and deeply gratifying to have been a part of many important achievements that have strengthened our community and made life better for Henderson residents," said Murnane.

"Bob Murnane has done an outstanding job as City Manager and we are all sad to see our friend and colleague leave, but we understand the need for him to focus on his health at this critical time. My colleagues on the City Council join me in expressing our gratitude to Bob and wish him only the best in the future," said Mayor Debra March... Read More

Henderson mayor, council members to tackle, look for solutions for challenge areas

The City of Henderson says it fears that if a new ranking for the top ten safest cities of its size were to come out, they might not make the cut. Officials with the city say it hasn't been ranked since 2016, so on Tuesday, the mayor and city council members will hold a special meeting to discuss the major challenges facing the city.

During her first State of the City address this month, Mayor Debra March applauded the city's accomplishments, it's growth and vision for the future.

"Henderson residents enjoy the lowest crime rates in the valley and some of the lowest in the country," Mayor March said as she applauded.

As Mayor March and city council members strategize to keep that standing, they're going to dig into a report that identifies 14-major challenge areas for the city, including, "unacceptable crime levels."

From 2012 to 2016 violent crime increased by 38.2 percent. ... Read More