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Huge industrial complex burns structures, buses in Compton, California

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A massive Friday morning fire in Compton, California. The fire started in an industrial yard in some wood pallets and spread to a nearby bus yard.


As firefighters fought to control the massive blaze, a row of charter buses could be seen going up in flames.

Firefighters told KTLA news that they were having water supply issues.

The fire did burn dangerously close to several apartment buildings causing some residents to grab their belongings and flee.

No injuries have been reported. There are no details at this time on a possible cause for the fire... Read More

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Parents, students sound off during CCSD board meeting, say they want schools open now

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A day after Clark County School District (CCSD) leaders announced a reopening plan, families gathered to share that they want schools open now.

"We are kids living through a global pandemic," a CCSD high school student said during public comment, "trying to pass our AP exams and watching our friends die, and we are alone."

Hundreds held a protest outside Las Vegas Academy Of the Arts ahead of the CCSD Trustee meeting, then lined up to speak during the public comment portion. This was their first opportunity to address trustees directly in nearly a year. 

"I'm failing all my classes," a Valley High School senior said to trustees. "I have not learned anything."

"You guys had all this time,” Axcel Ramirez added. "All of this time to give us a cool plan."... Read More

Golden Knights travel to Anaheim for matchup with Ducks; limited amount of tickets go on sale for games at T-Mobile

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Golden Knights were expecting to be in San Jose Thursday to face the Sharks, but COVID-19 scrapped those plans. 

Their next adventure takes them to Disneyland or next to it. They play Anaheim this Saturday. 

If it seems like Las Vegas has played the Ducks a bunch of times already this season, it is because they have. 

Remember, Vegas opened its season against Anaheim and has played them three other times since then. The Knights have won three of the four from the Ducks, who appear to be heading in the wrong direction having lost five in a row. 

There are also reports that Ducks General Manager Bob Murray is on the hot seat and fans are losing interest. 

Back here in Vegas, they are doing all they can to press forward. They are coming off an impressive win in Colorado. So, we will see if there are any lineup changes this Saturday. ... Read More

New details about CCSD Pre-K through third grade hybrid learning survey results

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The Clark County School District (CCSD) released new numbers from its Pre-K through third grade hybrid learning survey to 8 News Now. Earlier this month, they revealed that 56% of families prefer the hybrid plan, and 44% chose distance education.

After a public information request, we now know more details about the data.

Results show more than 68,000 families with kids up to third grade completed the survey.

Complete CCSD Pre-K to third grade survey resultsDownload

Every section of town said they preferred hybrid learning over distance education, especially in the Summerlin and Henderson areas, by 62 to 38%. ... Read More

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SNHD: 36% of second dose appointments are no-shows

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It has become a major problem in the vaccine process here in the valley — "no-shows" to appointments — especially when it comes to that important second dose. Health leaders are trying to figure out why and what to do. 

As many of you know the convention center is one of two mega vaccination sites. On Thursday, 8 News Now learned more than a quarter of the appointments made for the second dose are no-shows. 

People are showing up to get their first vaccine shot, but not their second. 

Misty Robinson with the Southern Nevada Health District brought this issue forward during a statewide COVID-19 mitigation meeting Thursday. 

“We have noticed a 36% no show rate for second doses,” Robinson said. “We are not sure why that is the case.” 

“It might be a hesitancy issue or people might be appointment shopping and scheduling appointments in multiple places,” Robinson continued. ... Read More

Serial bingeing: A look at the science behind true crime obsessions

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When you are watching yet another crime show on TV, do ever think to yourself, "why am I so obsessed with this?"

Experts say there is actually a science behind those viewing habits.

"People are so fascinated by serial killers," said Dr. Stephen Benning, an Associate Professor of Psychology at UNLV.

Dr. Stephen Benning — Associate Professor of Psychology at UNLV

Engrossed with evil. From the deliciously dark storylines on network TV, to the documentary series saturating streaming services, it is clear audiences cannot get enough of criminal-centric content.

"It almost begs to be solved," Dr. Benning said.

Dr. Benning adds that, in addition to piecing the puzzles together, the killers in crime shows create a novelty response in viewers... Read More

CCSD Return to School: What you need to know

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Anticipation, fear, anxiety and excitement: they're feelings circulating throughout the Clark County School District (CCSD) community. This comes as parents and the first group of students get ready to go back to school.

It's been a long time coming, and 8 News Now is here to help and break down everything you need to know about sending your kids back to campus.

For the Return to School special, watch the video above. ... Read More