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Doctor Pleads Guilty in Connection with Golfer's Suicide

HENDERSON, Nev. -- The doctor who discovered professional golfer Erica Blasberg's body entered a guilty plea on a misdemeanor obstruction charge.

Dr. Thomas Hess appeared in Henderson Municipal Court Wednesday morning. He is believed to be the last person to see Blasberg alive. The golfer was found dead in her Henderson home on May 9, 2010. The coroner ruled her death a suicide.

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Hess was accused of removing items, including a suicide note and medication, from the scene.

Blasberg's father Mel was in court, seeing Hess face to face for the first time. But he was disappointed by what happened.

"I felt the verdict was insignificant, but I think the way Dr. Hess's acted and didn't act, he's partly responsible for Erica's death. I was looking for some remorse," he said.

The 25-year-old golfer was found dead in her Anthem home with a plastic bag over her head and a bottle of Xanax next to her. The coroner ruled her death a suicide, but Blasberg believes Dr. Hess contributed to her death and he wants other people and potential patients to know about Hess and what he did.

"Understand that when you wear that white coat like he does, you have a responsibility that probably goes beyond that, and he failed. He failed the white coat, he failed the oath, he failed everything he believes in," he said.

Blasberg's attorney said medications prescribed by Dr. Hess were found in Erica's home. Hess called 911 to report her death.

Blasberg's attorney said they plan to pursue civil action against Dr. Hess. He believes they already have enough evidence for a case, but he wants to get more from the police investigation before they proceed any further.