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Henderson Child Abuse Case Raises Questions | Crime

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Henderson Child Abuse Case Raises Questions

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Questions remain in the child abuse case that Henderson police say nearly killed a 4-year-old boy. According to police, the severe abuse went on for months and involved the boy and his 8-year-old brother. Psychologists and abuse advocates are now speaking out about the case.

Paramedics and Henderson police officers found a 4-year-old boy unconscious at a condominium inside the Montelago Village Resort November 23. Detectives report that the boy's 8-year-old brother had sunken eyes and was so malnourished, his hair was falling out. Police say the mother's boyfriend, Edward Colucci, bit the boy's nose, sprayed glass cleaner into his eyes and forced him to eat his own vomit. Police say both boys were victimized by Colucci.

8 News Now showed the arrest report Donnadee Gale. She's a licensed clinical social worker with experience treating torture and kidnap victims.

"This is my own opinion, I believe there's something beyond mental illness and I believe that's pure evil," she said.

The boy's mother claims Colucci threatened to kill her family and physically abuse her more if she went to police.

"This is a person that is akin to being brainwashed," Gale said.

Detectives charged Colucci with kidnapping, child abuse, battery and assault.

"When you're in situations like that, sometimes you just become paralyzed and you can't do anything, or they think they can't do anything. It's no fault of the mother," said Rebecca Reyes, Shade Tree victim's advocate.

"I do believe that she should pay for what's happened to these children and that the court should make sure that this woman never has contact with these children again," said Gale.

The boyfriend took the abused 8-year-old out of school for a month, detectives say. Detectives did not say which school either attended. Clark county school district refused to comment on the case, stating their staff are trained to report signs of abuse.

Edward Colucci's attorney, Bret Whipple, says his client is pleading not guilty and "looks forward to his day in court." The attorney declined to comment further.

Woman in abusive situations are urged to contact Shade Tree Shelter for a safe place to stay. Their number is 385-0072 and their address is 1 West Owens, which is on the corner of Owens and Main.



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