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Henderson Private School to Close | News

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Henderson Private School to Close

HENDERSON, Nev. -- During tough times, private schools don't do too well. Henderson International School is closing their high school. That leaves hundreds of parents scrambling to find new schools for their teenagers.

Henderson International is a group of three campuses. The high school is closing and the two remaining K-8 campuses are merging into one. That leaves Findlay Prep, one of the nation's top high school basketball teams, without a home.

Laurie Stoveken is now looking for a new school for her ninth grade son, Chris.

"I'm feeling what my kid is feeling right now -- he's lost. He's been here since third grade. This isn't a school, this is a home to him," she said.

The recession forced the high school to run at a $1 million loss last year. Many parents can't pay the $15,000 to $20,000 a year tuition private schools charge.

"There probably would have been a time anyway, just for us financially, that we would have put him back in public school. This is forcing that. It's sad to see that it's happening because it's an awesome school," said parent David Kruljack.

Teachers for the consolidated K-8 school will need to reapply for their jobs.

Findlay Prep, with its national champion basketball team, is an independent school that used Henderson International facilities.

Founder Cliff Findlay says he's looking to tell the students where they may move their program by the first week of April.

"We said to our son, ‘We are committed here for four years,' and my son is now told, ‘You're going to have to find a new place to go to school. You're going to have to find new friends and sports, academics.' It's everything. This was his home since third grade. That's like ripping a child from a parents arms," said Stovekin.

For many, private schools are a safe haven, but even they are falling victim to this recession.


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