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Henderson Woman's Plea for Help Goes Viral | Health

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Henderson Woman's Plea for Help Goes Viral

HENDERSON -- One Henderson woman has been battling through years and years of pain with no medical diagnosis. Kristie Tunick was told by local doctors there was nothing they could do for her.

Tunick is suffering from a number of conditions and her hope is fading fast. Her friends are now reaching out to the masses through YouTube. Already, the video has had more than 1 million views. They want her story to get out.

"There is no diagnoses at all as we sit here today," said Dave Tunick, Kristie's father. He says if he could trade places with his 33-year-old ailing daughter, he would.

"She's been probably at every single hospital in Las Vegas, Henderson, and probably spent, in the hospital, 12 months out of a 24-month period. They've never seen any individual at any age with the symptoms she has. The symptoms vary," he said. "Pain, lack of mobility, lack of going to the bathroom, her blood count drops, she's now losing consciousness every single day and the pain doesn't stop."

A YouTube video was made by Kristie's friend and more than 1 million people have viewed it. The once vibrant, full of life person, talked to 8 News NOW by phone from Pennsylvania where she is hoping to get some answers.

"We don't know what it is because the cardiologist thinks it's my heart, another one thinks it's my brain," said Kristie Tunick.

She's desperate and hoping someone can help her.

"Any speciality clinic, any institution that has the ability to do a complete work up on me. I'm 33 and not ready to die."

Her family is hoping to get into the Mayo Clinic in New York or the National Health Institute. But have had no luck. Their requests have been denied and now they are reaching out to Nevada's Congressional delegates for help.


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