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High School Rezoning Decisions Revisited | News

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High School Rezoning Decisions Revisited

Upset parents and students sounded off Thursday evening against the Clark County School District's rezoning plan. School district officials say they need to rezone in order to fix overcrowding. 

Student Carlene Saladino wants to take advantage of a school zoning plan option that would allow her the choice of where she'll go to school next fall. She doesn't want to change schools even though her school is overcrowded.

"I don't understand why a speed bump is being turned into a mountain," she said. "I urge you to consider what I have said and vote for the option to remain."

Due to overcrowding at nearly a dozen Clark County high schools, trustees decided last week to rezone. Under that plan, selected freshmen and sophomores at the crowded schools would have the option to stay put, but only if enough other students volunteered to make the move.

"It makes sense to me that the option should be given to students who are in an area that is being rezoned in order for them to stay at that school and finish out their high school career there," said parent Mark Sandusky.

"Having this option for my son to attend our neighborhood school and remain with his friends would work best for our family," said parent Shawna Jergensen.

For others, the concern is about being forced to leave their overcrowded schools for less crowded one. Coronado High School is 500 students over capacity while Liberty High School is 700 students under capacity.

"I feel if I were to be rezoned, it would hurt my education. I would be uprooted. I would have a lot of things to deal with instead of staying where I'm at and knowing what I'm doing," said student Reggie Riggins.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Walt Rulffes admits that the district's student population growth has slowed a bit. But he adds, the nation's fifth largest school district will have to deal with school overcrowding for years to come.

"I think we will continue to have a need for additional seats. We won't be as crowded as before, but I think the challenge now is making sure that the seats that we do have are fully utilized before we go out and ask the public for more seats," he said.

In the end, the board voted to give kids the ability to appeal the rezoning. Students will be able to ask to stay in their current school. It will be up to the district to determine the final number of students asked to change schools.


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