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Manhunt Continues for Suspect in Year Old Murder | News

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Manhunt Continues for Suspect in Year Old Murder

One year ago, a Henderson woman named Mariela Moreno was murdered and her body dumped in the desert. The 20-year-old was missing for two months before her body was found.

Her boyfriend emerged as a suspect. Now there's an international manhunt for Isidro Munoz, and he may be connected to another killing.

Her smile and beauty captivated the valley's attention for months. Mariela Moreno came to Las Vegas from Mexico. She loved her family, had a fun-loving spirit, but her life would have a tragic ending. It is still painful for Mariela's sister to talk about. She shares her sorrow, hoping for justice.

Police say Mariela was beaten to death at the hands of Isidro Garduno Munoz, her boyfriend who became obsessive.

"He visited Mariela around four times a day. There was something strange, you know," said Mariela's sister Monica Moreno-Kongsrud.

Moreno celebrated the New Year at Firefly near the Strip. Munoz said he dropped her off at home. Mariela was never heard from again.

"I spoke with him two days after my sister disappeared and he told me that he just didn't know nothing -- didn't know nothing," said Moreno-Kongsrud.

Munoz quickly fled to Mexico where he befriended Luz Celina Rodriguez-Jimenez. Last April, she too met with foul play, "There's a lot of evidence because the police found her in his apartment."

News accounts in Mexico link the deaths of Mariela and Luz Celina to Munoz. The family of Luz Celina last year marched in the streets, demanding authorities step up the search for this dangerous individual on the run.

"I want to ask him, why? Why he killed my sister?" said Moreno-Kongsrud.

Both families remain in contact with each other. Mariela's family learned something very disturbing. Apparently after Munoz went south of the border and met Luz Celina, he tried to sell a pink cell phone and a white jacket. Mariela had those two things with her on New Year's 2008.

Henderson Police and the FBI still are trying to gather intelligence about his whereabouts, but they believe he is still hiding out in Mexico. According to news reports out of Mexico, Munoz may have changed his appearance.


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