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Tea Party Rally Continues In Henderson | News

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Tea Party Rally Continues In Henderson

HENDERSON --  The tea party moment continued Saturday afternoon in Henderson as about two thousand people rallied at the Henderson Pavilion. The message there was anger and many saying they simply will not take it any more.

"Well I think the government is out of control not only is it Un-American but its socialist I'm here to let the government know that I do support it that I'm for freedom and not controlling us with health care bills and taxes that's why I'm here," said Andrew Russell, tea party supporter.

One of the hot topics among the many tea party supporters was health care. They feel too many people on both sides of the aisle have forgotten the basics of the constitution and need to be voted out as a reminder that the will of the people still reigns supreme.

"Blatant arrogance I guess if you will. That their going to pass whatever they want to pass no matter what. Pelosi, Reid they just don't care and they are trying to bamboozle people and force politics. It's all wrong," said Lori Wesly, tea party supporter.

The targets were very clear among the crowd as there was no shortage of stickers against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid or President Obama.

And behind every banner, t-shirt and sticker was a very passionate view on where government is going and why it must be stopped.

Ann Coulter was one of the speakers Saturday afternoon however we can not show you any of her comments because media was not allowed inside the pavilion while she was on the stage.


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