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Trash Services May Change All Over the Valley | News

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Trash Services May Change All Over the Valley

LAS VEGAS -- The effort to go green may mean smelly garbage in your garage. A public meeting Tuesday night will bring together local governments with Las Vegas' sole trash collector, Republic Services.

Some possible changes to trash collection and recycling programs are being discussed. Republic Services says it has several pilot programs operating around the valley. For example, some families in North Las Vegas like having one day to get everything collected on the curb: trash and recycling. Some say that idea is terrible.

"Tonight's agenda will really be focusing on, is trying to drill down what the cost is for recycling, how much profit are they making, are there jobs we can create or manufacturing opportunities for commodities sales, and how to protect against, as Republic automates its trucks, how to protect against losing 300 to 350 jobs," said County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

But saving the environment could mean fallout for trash collection as most of the valley knows it. But should residents be worried about losing a garbage day each week?

"Yes they should if they are in North Las Vegas or possibly Henderson, because Henderson, I hear, is going to start a pilot, which would reduce them to one day trash pickup but move them to one-day a week recycling. North Las Vegas had a pilot program that kind of compounded itself and became quite large, even though none of the public got a chance to vote on it," said Giunchigliani.

"I think what I am hearing back from my constituents is that they are relatively pleased with what's been happening with the pilot program, but there is certainly the issue out there that our recycling numbers are up, which we're very, very proud of, and which is a good thing for the environment," said North Las Vegas Councilwoman Anita Wood.

While most of North Las Vegas has an all-in-one garbage and recycle day one day a week, the city still hears concerns.

"It would be kind of rough. It would be all right if I was single or if it was just me and my wife, but when you have children, trash fills up quick," said North Las Vegas resident David Montoya.

If you have an opinion, you can contact your commissioner or city council member, or come by the committee meeting at the end of September.


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