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What’s Driving You Crazy? – A trip to traffic nerd heaven |

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What’s Driving You Crazy? – A trip to traffic nerd heaven

LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A trip to traffic nerd heaven that could drive you crazy.

If the roads you travel every day are just a vehicle to get you where you’re going, that’s perfectly fine: that’s why they’re there.

a map put out by the Nevada Department of Transportation’s
“Cartography Location Division” has a lot of cool data for junior
traffic buddies.

I let you in on a little “inside baseball” media stuff?

traffic-related incidents law enforcement officers have to note where
the incident happened. In a city, cross streets are a good place to
start. But on a freeway, it’s mile markers, baby. You may not have
stopped to think about it, but most freeway exits are numbered by
their approximate mile marker location. like I-15: at the state’s
southern tip, mile marker 1 is 1 mile north of Primm. And all 120 or
so miles of the interstate in the Silver State take you up to
Mesquite: exit 120.

For the Nevada Highway Patrol, mile markers take on more meaning when they’re out in “the middle of nowhere.”

Just the other day, 8NewsNow reported a fatality on US95 past Beatty. When we said the crash happened at “mile marker 95” that probably didn’t mean much to you, and it’s not a feature on any map app that I’m aware of. This NDOT map quickly pinned the crash location to the general area of the 95 turnoff to Scotty’s Junction and Scotty’s Castle.

map doesn’t just cover our area, though: it’s the entire state. I’d
be happy to email it to you. Just send me your address. Mine is right
there under my sign-off:

up, drive carefully and put down that phone!

there’s something driving YOU crazy, email me: traffic8@8newsnow.com.

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