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Biden hopes for strong showing in Nevada

Nev. (KLAS) —
Early voting for the Nevada caucuses starts Saturday and caucus
day is just around the corner. That means several democratic candidates are in
town right now — including former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden spoke to a crowd of
older voters at Sun City MacDonald Ranch in Henderson this evening. In a
one-on-one interview with 8 News Now afterward, Biden says although he’s off to
a rough start in this primary election he’s hoping Nevada can turn the tide.

“We’re in the battle
for the soul of this country,” Biden said during his speech.

Drew Rodriguez, a local field organizer for @JoeBiden, says that Nevada is “Joe country,” and that this is a state that is more like the U.S. population, meaning more diverse. The Biden camp is hoping to do well here in the Silver State. @8NewsNow #8NN #PoliticsNOW pic.twitter.com/tNyTWcX38j

— Orko Manna (@orko_manna) February 15, 2020

This candidate is running on
a campaign of character and Friday night, he continued to contrast himself with
President Donald Trump.

Not long after the event
started, a Trump supporter started yelling while Biden spoke. The heckler was
escorted out.

“Sir, sir, sir, don’t
be a Trumper here today,” Biden told him.

DISRUPTION ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Boos and chants filled a room after a heckler interrupted Joe Biden at an event in Henderson. The man, a Trump supporter, was removed from the room, but as he left he shouted, "four more years!" #8NN pic.twitter.com/EhSKbRL3kz

— 8 News NOW (@8NewsNow) February 15, 2020

In a one-on-one interview
with 8 News Now, Biden says despite disappointing finishes in both Iowa and New
Hampshire, he’s confident he’ll have a strong showing in Nevada, because he
understands local voters.

“They’re concerned
about gun safety, they’re concerned about health care, and they’re concerned
about access to a good education, and so that’s what I’ve been talking about,
and I feel good,” Biden said.

The latest Nevada poll has Biden
in second place, trailing 7 points behind Senator Bernie Sanders. Given the
numbers, some voters in Friday’s crowd are still undecided.

“It’s a concern right
now and I think some of the popular support that he had has been waning
recently,” said undecided voter Dore Rodine. “And for myself personally, the
most important thing is to come out and make my own mind up based on what I

Still, Biden says he’s
counting on Nevada’s large group of Latino and African American voters, who
have historically supported him, to help him succeed in the silver state.

“No Democrat can win the presidency without getting significant support from both groups,” Biden says.

Biden also spoke to 8 News Now about health care, education and gun control. To watch the full interview — CLICK HERE... Read More