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Nevada Democrats say health care a top issue |

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Nevada Democrats say health care a top issue

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Lindsy Judd says her family currently has no health insurance because it’s too expensive. She was among several voters who told The Associated Press on Saturday they made Bernie Sanders their first pick and Elizabeth Warren second.

Judd says the candidate who wins the Democratic nomination will get her vote in November. And she says she understands why some Democrats believe the party is better off with more of a mainstream nominee.

But the 33-year-old who lives in a valley north of Reno says she needed to cast her ballot for someone who is serious about tackling the cost of health insurance, which she says rivals her housing costs.

Jennifer Cole, a 48-year-old librarian from Reno, listed health care and housing as her two top issues when she settled on Warren as her favorite. She put Pete Buttigieg second and Amy Klobuchar third on her ballot.

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