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Drivers talk distractions behind the wheel after deadly North Las Vegas crash |

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Drivers talk distractions behind the wheel after deadly North Las Vegas crash

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — North Las Vegas Police suspect distracted driving as a cause of the crash that killed a 12-year-old boy and left his 9-year-old sister in the hospital with critical injuries. However, they haven’t specified exactly what.

8 News Now spoke with drivers about what’s making them engage in the dangerous behavior, as more motorists notice people taking their eyes off the road.

“It’s everywhere. It’s absolutely everywhere,” said driver Philip White. “I think we’re all distracted. It’s not one of us or ten of us. It’s all of us, and we’re not distracted just by phones, by everything around us.”

These moments compromise safety, and several drivers admit doing it.

“There’s so many things that grab your attention,” stated driver Laticha Brown, “you may see a person with a sign or an outfit or another car.”

White said he’s guilty of looking at his phone, checking emails and not paying full attention to the road.

Brown noted she’s a millennial and will glance at her watch when she gets a text.

The most well-known form of distracted driving is people using their phones. Other forms include people fiddling with the radio, personal self-care (i.e. applying makeup) and turning to talk to passengers in the back seat.

“Especially after picking them up, that’s when they want to tell you the most stories,” said Brown.

Clark County code states it’s illegal to drive a car without giving full time and attention to the operation of the vehicle. It’s also a law in North Las Vegas.

Brown said she tries to avoid other activities to set an example for her children, “because the habits I start, my kids will pick those up, as well, when driving.”

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports nearly 600 people not in a car, like pedestrians and bicyclists, were killed nationwide by a distracted driver in 2017.

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