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Mother accused of killing child is 7-months pregnant |

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Mother accused of killing child is 7-months pregnant

A local woman arrested for the death of her child is 7-months pregnant, according to an arrest report released Wednesday.

Before the death of her 2-year-old child, Metro Police said Jazmin Ramirez, 29, had four prior Child Protective Services complaints against her from 2008-2010. Two of the complaints involving her 9-year-old son were substantiated for neglected, police said.

Henderson Police said on March 10, at about 10 p.m., Ramirez called 911 operators stating that her 2-year-old son wasn't breathing. The child was taken by ambulance to St. Rose Dominican Hospital-Siena Campus, and shortly after, he was transported to Sunrise Hospital, where the brain injuries were discovered.

Ramirez told officers her child received the injuries when he fell from a bed earlier in the day, but detectives say she caused the injuries that led to the child's death. Henderson Police said the boy died three days later due to the injuries to his brain.

Ramirez was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Henderson Detention Center on a charge of murder.
Ramirez is due to have another child, a little girl in about nine weeks.

Erin Childs lives next door to Ramirez on Blackmore Drive near Boulder Highway and Major in Henderson. She says her four boys used to play with Ramirez's kids, including the toddler.

"It literally, it makes me sick to my stomach," Childs said. "Your heart just goes out, you know, and now you can't do anything."

"Sometimes he would come over, they would jump on the trampoline, they would play in the front yard," Childs said. "Honestly he made a mention to one of my boys one time that he got slapped for something, but he made it sound like it was no big deal."

"Any death from abuse or neglect is a preventable death," said Denise Tanata, executive director of Children's Advocacy Alliance." "That shouldn't happen, so our goal is to always have that number at zero if we can."

Tanata says abuse like this can be triggered by a number of different factors.

"I think some things we've seen over the years are mental health issues with the parents, substance abuse, and sometimes just stress," Tanata said.

According to Tanata, stress is something that can send some parents over the edge.

Tanata: "I think the piece that frustrates me the most is what we're doing as a community to help prevent that, and for the most part I really think it comes back to resources and community."
Katie Boer, 8 News NOW Reporter: "Do we have enough resources?"
Tanata: "Absolutely not."

That lack of resources is something the Alliance is trying to change with 12 bills that are being introduced this legislative session.

Due to her open murder charge, the mother will likely lose custody of her other child.

8 News NOW reached out to CPS for comment following the other previous complaints, but the agency said the public disclosure form is the extent of what they're able to release.

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