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New school honors child who died in golf cart accident |

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New school honors child who died in golf cart accident

Some of the valley students starting the new school year walked through the doors of brand new classrooms Monday.

Among the six new elementary schools that opened its doors Monday, one of them was Josh Stevens Elementary in Henderson.

The school is named at Josh Stevens who died in a tragic golf cart accident in 2008. His family sees the new school as a fitting tribute to their son's legacy.

"I mean we as a family are just so truly humbled by this honoring of our son," said Drew Stevens, Josh's father.

The 103,000 square feet building has this small memorial in its heart.

"I know that when you look at that, to so many people across this valley, it truly means something special," said Pat Skorkowski, the superintendent of the Clark County School District."It's more than just an elementary school."

Josh was a popular athlete who was known for his kindness and selflessness.

"It's my hope that every child who attends school here leaves here with the understanding of the importance of treating others with a kind heart, as my son Josh did," Stevens said.

The new school holds up to 850 kids, and all of those children, along with future children will get to know Josh's story.

"I think that his face would be red, and he would be a little bit embarrassed, but I think he would also recognize the incredible honoring," Stevens said.

"It is our commitment to carry out Josh's legacy by instilling kindness and compassion throughout our campus, creating a safe and caring school community for all students and all families," said Holli Ratliff, principal.

Although the new building brings a sense of comfort to the Stevens family, it will never fill the void left in their hearts.

"You, Josh, are deserving of this tremendous honor and we love you," said Stevens.

The Clark County School District will open another school in January. Four more are scheduled to open sometime next year.

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