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Explosion at Timet Henderson plant injures 2 |

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Explosion at Timet Henderson plant injures 2

Two people were injured Wednesday morning in an explosion at the Timet plant in Henderson.

The plant is located on Water Street near Lake Mead Parkway. State and city officials say there was no impact to the public. But it's not the first time this has happened at that site.

A dumpster being dropped. A big truck driving by. That's how people who live and work around the Timet plant described the morning explosion.

Not long after the accident, Timet says it was back to business as usual.

Mark Cottrill was getting a cup of coffee.

"It did shake the house a little bit," Cottrill said.

Loretta Pelligla was about to open her furniture store.

"I did hear a noise, but I thought it was one of them big ol' trucks."

At 8:15, their morning routine was interrupted by a serious boom from a very large neighbor -- Timet.

"I felt the shaking," Cottrill said. ":Right when I heard it, I knew it was some type of explosion."

Timet produces titanium. The company said the explosion happened during the magnesium recovery operation. Essentially, water mixed with magnesium in a container, steam built and exploded.

City and county officials say there was no chemical release, no major damage and only two minor injuries.

Timet says it restarted operations not long after the blast.

But it's not the first time this has happened. Back in 1998, there was another large explosion.

In 2014, the company agreed to pay a $13.75 million settlement with the EPA over the unauthorized production and disposal of chemicals at the Henderson site.

"Something like that can happen," Cottrill said. "It can happen on a larger scale."

For those who live and work around the massive plant, it's a frustrating reality of having this kind of industry in your backyard.

"I don't have any love for that place, but I know there's not one thing i can do about it except endure," Pelligla said.

It's not clear if any violations or penalties will come from this explosion.

Most of the state and federal agencies 8 News NOW spoke with said the accident is still under investigation.

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