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Snapped power poles leave Henderson residents in the dark |

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Snapped power poles leave Henderson residents in the dark

The strong winds snapped a half-dozen utility poles in Henderson leaving residents in the dark.

At one point, nearly 1,300 customers were without power near Horizon and College drives, but by mid-Monday that number lowered to around 440 customers.

In all , five power poles and one telephone pole, along Arrowhead Trail came crashing down. The neighborhood behind the impacted road was blocked in at one point, power lines were left dangling just inches off the ground.

It was not the way some in Henderson expected to begin their Monday.

"Craziness, I thought it was Armageddon," said Kathleen Megofna, neighbor.

Her morning was interrupted when the six large poles were snapped in half by the powerful winds that started Sunday night.

"And now there's, there's no way to get IHOP," she said.

It took several hours for NV Energy and Cox Communications to clean up the mess. People who couldn't get through stood by and watched.

"It is epically crazy," Megofna said.

Another neighbor woke up to find a tree uprooted and on top of his pick-up truck. He said he slept through the whole thing. Now, he's dealing with a clean-up of his own.

And down the road, the outage kept some shops, like Starbucks, from opening on time.

"It's bad," said Ivan Perez, neighbor. "I've never seen any kind of wind like that."

He was turned away and he needed coffee after being up all night, because of the noisy wind.

"Sounded like the windows were getting banged in, or somebody trying to get in the house. It was, it was scary."

NV Energy told 8 News NOW it may not be until 7:30 p.m. before the power is fully restored to the area.

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