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Henderson Police warn of arrest warrant phone scam |

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Henderson Police warn of arrest warrant phone scam

A phone scam where someone calls and saying you have to pay up because you have outstanding warrants or have missed jury duty is happening to people in Clark County, so Henderson Police have sent out a warning.

According to authorities, the calls are coming from someone claiming to be a police officer or court marshals. Many scammers manipulate caller I.D.'s to make the number appear as if it was to come from the local police station or jail, which makes it seem legitimate for residents -- but it's not.

"We deal with many different types of phone scams," said Scott Williams, a public information officer for the Henderson Police department.

Williams says the police department has seen an uptick in these particular phone calls.

The scammers are "literally, posing as court marshals calling and threatening people that if they don't pay for their warrant or whatever their infraction is they will be arrested," Williams said.
"The first thing we want to do is educate people that if you have a warrant or if there's some business you have with the court, they are always going to send some certified letter; they will do some sort of means to let you know its legitimate."

Henderson Police said there are many signs people can look for to tell if it's a scam:
When a criminal calls, they tend to be aggressive.
They will also ask for some sort of money order, prepaid card and even iTunes gift cards.
They refuse to give you their name or a mailing address.

"This is one thing we see that a lot of victims do that's very smart is they will actually ask the suspect for is their office location, phone number," Williams said. "Ask them for that information so you can call and verify it."

Diedra Perry says she has received these calls.

"I had a few scams from people who are doing work on the side and always follow up with a phone call; that's already happened to me before, so I would just say do some homework," Perry said.

However, Patty Smith worries about the scam affecting her father.

"My dad doesn't know how to use a computer, so he would believe it," Smith said.

Henderson Police also says anyone who owes on a fine should know that they will not get a 15-minute notice to pay it over the phone.

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