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Henderson City Council to vote on decision to get body cameras |

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Henderson City Council to vote on decision to get body cameras

Henderson police are hoping to get hundreds of body cameras for their officers, which would be a first for the agency. The move comes a few years after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department rolled out their system.

Body cameras are becoming fixtures for law enforcement agencies across the country.

"We've talked about that as a department for a long time," said Officer Scott Williams, spokesperson for Henderson Police.

Williams says they'll have roughly 300 body cameras for patrol officers, along with some back-ups.

"We can use this not only to analyze police behavior and citizen-police contacts, but it's a great training tool, and of course the big part of this is just having that accountability, and it creates that trust with the community," Williams said.

Henderson Police also plan to update their car dashcam systems, but nothing will go through unless the city council agrees on the measures when they vote Tuesday night.

The decision is critical because Henderson Police have less than two months to implement a body camera system, mandatory according to a state law passed last year.

The law requires peace officers in Nevada to wear a portable recording device while on duty. The deadline to comply is July 1.

Residents seem to be on board with the body cameras.

"I don't think they're necessary, but I think they're a good idea, said James Montgomery, Henderson resident. "It's never a bad idea to have something like that. It never hurts to have a backup so that you can collaborate a story of whatever."

"It's for protection of both the police and the people, said Pat Petrie, Henderson resident. "I think it's a great idea. It saves them."

Henderson Police say it hopes to avoid technical problems some other departments have experienced.

"An incorrectly used camera is like not having a camera at all, so it's important that they're deployed correctly," Officer Williams said.

The body cams that will cost up to $3 million over five years will be rolled out in phases.

The money will come from public safety, the sales tax, and crime prevention.

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