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Nevada State College growing along with student population |

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Nevada State College growing along with student population

During the recession, the future of Nevada State College was far from certain. Some even proposed it should close to deal with budget cuts.

About a decade later, it's now the second fastest growing college in the entire country.

On this first week of school, Nevada State College students are noticing the construction groundwork on the campus.

There will be brand new education building and possibly the very first dorms on campus. There are artist renderings for a two-story school of education building to house the new speech pathology and early childhood education programs.

If state lawmakers approve funding for the $62 million project during the 2019 session, it'll be done in two years by fall of 2021.

The state hasn't built a building there in 10 years.

With more than 4,600 students this semester, up by 10-percent from last year, they need every bit of classroom space.

Nevada State College says it's sitting on 512 acres, but only using 3 acres.

"The education building for Nevada State College is ranked as the number one priority by the board of regents. Why? Well, it's because of the critical importance of education for sure. That's the number one reason and it's a recognition of the growth. We really, literally have no more space," said Bart Patterson, president, Nevada State College.

"I think that's good because you see more students wanting to get further education and that's good for our people having more professionals in town," said Shari Ramos, nursing student.

In less than two weeks, the board of regents will discuss funding the first dorms ever on campus, which will be next phase for the development of the college which is located near Wagon Wheel Drive and Boulder Highway.

Construction will get underway once the education building is approved.

Twenty five million dollars would privately fund over 300 beds. The dorms could open as early as spring of 2020. The fairly young college is about to celebrate its 16th birthday in a couple of days.

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