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I-Team: Police unions accuse Henderson police chief of ‘union busting' |

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I-Team: Police unions accuse Henderson police chief of ‘union busting'

Police Chief Latesha Watson is on paid administrative leave as of Thursday until further notice, according to a city of Henderson spokeswoman. Senior Public information officer Kathleen Richards told 8 News Now she could not say why and no interviews would be provided by city staff to explain why Watson was placed on administrative leave.

Watson's base salary is more than $190,000.

8 News Now obtained five internal memos from late 2018 that details complaints about Chief Watson and investigations. The I-Team learned that the unions representing Henderson police officers and supervisors filed a complaint against Chief Watson, the City of Henderson, the police department, and Deputy Chief Thedrick Andres in late 2018.

Rick McCann, a spokesman for the unions pointed to "union busting."

"When you snub your nose at the unions, what they stand for, the representation they provide, then you are trying to break that union process," McCann said. "We call that union busting."

McCann claims jobs were lost, and disciplinary action, promotions, and orders did not happen the way they should have.

"At some point in time, you have to say enough is enough," McCann told 8 News Now. "You don't break the rules just in the idea that 'hey I'm the chief dog, I can do what I want to do and if you don't like it, too bad.' Well, too bad turned into a union-busting complaint. Too bad turned into a series of investigations. Too bad turned into today."

The I-Team tried to get Watson's side of the story, but she could not be reached Thursday.

Deputy Chief Thedrick Andres has been named acting chief of the Henderson Police Department. He and Watson both came from Arlington, Texas.

Watson was named police chief in September of 2017. She replaced former Chief Patrick Moers after he was removed from duty. He said false sexual harassment claims were made against him. He also tried to sue the City of Henderson.

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