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City Website Matches Volunteers with Programs | Charity

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City Website Matches Volunteers with Programs
City Website Matches Volunteers with Programs


City of Henderson officials want to help match those with an interest in volunteering with organizations in need of assistance.

The city’s Volunteer Partnership Program is an online resource designed to help people find an opportunity to volunteer.

“As a community we are so much stronger when we work together and share our time and talents,” Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen said.

Those seeking volunteers can register their projects online through an application on the city’s website. Residents who register as volunteers can list their skills and experience. Individuals and groups are then able to search the database and match their interests.

Those searching for a project can choose from any or all of 12 categories including clerical, education, cleanups, and assistance for seniors.  

There is no fee for the Volunteer Partnership Program and the city does not screen, sponsor or endorse any group or volunteer. For more information, contact Emily Lewis at 267-2008 or visit cityofhenderson.com.


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