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Cool at School: Team Effort Pays Off

LAS VEGAS-- Students at Coronado high school are transforming themselves into better football players and students.

The Cougar's only won two games last season so to pump up the team and their muscles, the players decided they needed a new weight room.

Asking the school for money was out of the question, so the they raised the funds all by themselves. They sold Cougar cards and held car washes and were able to raise $41,000.

They money helped pay for a room full of brand new equipment and taught the players valuable life lessons.

"It's pretty motivating. It teaches us responsibility because we raised money for this equipment by ourselves, no chipping in from the school or anything," said Coronado junior Colt Willden.

Besides getting in shape, Colt hopes the new weight room will help win some games, help the school and maybe even help get him a college scholarship.

Coach Lance Cooper said raising all the money taught them to be more responsible young adults.

 "We told kids this is something you have to do so it didn't come out of their parent's pockets so they went out and fund raised it."