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Teen helps bullied kids with 'I See U' group

HENDERSON, Nev. -- It's been about a week since Governor Brian Sandoval, R-NV, signed into law Senate Bill 504, the anti-bullying bill which means new policies have been put in place, so there's a faster notification time for parents when it comes to bullying incidents.

The bill also makes it easier for students and parents to report such cases. However, one local student took action against school bullying before the new regulations kicked in.

For the last three years, Darla Veitch, an 8th grader at Del Webb Middle School has made it her mission to sit with someone who's eating alone during her lunch break. On Tuesday, Darla's simple goal of sitting with one person who was eating alone turned into a school-wide movement.

The 14-year-old said she started the "I See U" club because did it because, for some kids, the school cafeteria can be the loneliest place in the world.

Suspicious deaths appear to be murder-suicide

 HENDERSON, Nev. --  Police say they suspect a dead man found in his Henderson home in late April was shot and killed by his estranged wife who killed herself in a Las Vegas hotel.

Henderson police said Tuesday they are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide.

Police found 66-year-old Charles Schroeder shot dead inside his home on April 25 in the Sun City Anthem area after relatives told police they were unable to reach him.

The Clark County Coroner's office says 67-year-old Zoey Aamuzon Schroeder of Las Vegas shot herself in her chest at the SLS Las Vegas hotel and casino. The coroner's office says her body was found April 23.

Driving You Crazy: Gridlock at Seven Hills and St. Rose

HENDERSON, Nev. - Kenny wants to know if there are plans to widen Seven Hills Drive at St. Rose Parkway. He says the line of traffic waiting at that light is a block long during the morning and evening rush hours.

Traffic8 reached out to the City of Henderson. Officials say crews will widen Spencer Street (which becomes Seven Hills south of St. Rose).

The developers in charge of the property on the northeast corner of St. Rose and Spencer/Seven Hills will have to make the changes, because it falls within the county's right-of way.

Henderson representatives asked the county to have developers modify Henderson's side of the intersection as well, which will give drivers two lanes.

What's driving you crazy? E-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Demetria Obilor.

Highly contagious dog flu spreading across country

LAS VEGAS -- Flu season doesn't only affect people, it also affects man's best friend.  A vaccine resistant flu-like virus -- capable of killing dogs -- is spreading out of the Midwest and veterinarians are bracing for it in southern Nevada. 

Canine influenza is a lot like the human flu. It spreads easily and can damage your dog's health quickly. It has sickened thousands of dogs in the Midwest.

Ella May enjoys a rainy day at Sunset dog park. It's a chance for her to mingle with other dogs.

"I can't deny her that," said Mary Meduna, Ella May's owner. "She is high energy and needs to be out and about."

A few weeks ago, Meduna noticed Ella May was not her normal energetic self and she was sniffling.

"I took her to the vet after a couple days of doing that because she wasn't getting any better," Meduna said. "I thought I'd better have her checked out."

It turns out Ella May was suffering with allergies.

NV Energy seeing influx of residents install solar panels

LAS VEGAS -- Experts say more Nevadans are adopting the use of solar power into their lifestyles to save both money and the environment.

According to NV Energy, in August of last year, the utility company said it received about 900 applications for the Solar-Generations rebate program, which offsets solar panel installation costs. Through March of 2015, NV Energy said that number has jumped to 1,100.

However, for a lot of customers, getting the solar panels isn't just about going green. Residents say they're trying to make a big investment now so that it can be a safety net in case they can't save down the road.

Ralph Preta, for instance, says he knows that being retired is synonymous with living on a budget. However, he admits to splurging once in a while.

His biggest splurge this year: the solar panels he had installed onto the roof of his Henderson home.

Firefighter and 2 others hurt in Henderson fire

HENDERSON, Nev. -- Three people, including a firefighter was hurt in a fire at a trailer park Sunday, according to Henderson Fire Department.

The fire started around 4:40 p.m. at the Via Hermosa Trailer Park located at 2050 S. Magic Way near E. Boulder Highway and Horizon Dr.

Fire officials said the injuries were minor. 

The cause of the fire wasn't released.

One person and two dogs were displaced. They're being assisted by the Red Cross.

I-Team: Ex-officer suffers ill effects of asbestos

LAS VEGAS -- Public health officials in Nevada haven't always been candid about possible risks.

Decades ago, people were told that fallout from above ground nuclear tests was not causing disease, and the state was slow to react to reports about secondhand smoking.

High-ranking health officials have assured people in recent years that there is nothing to fear from naturally-occurring asbestos in the southern Nevada rocks, soil, and air, but new research is casting considerable doubt on that viewpoint.

There's a lot of gray area between "no risk" on one hand and "public panic" on the other.

The study that found asbestos deposits is largely the work of just three people, and they could use some help.

Picturesque Libby, Montana is finally bouncing back from its unwelcome status as the asbestos capital of the country. The air is clean. Teams are monitoring the water. The sick are being treated.