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Henderson Settles with Convict in 2007 Tasing Incident | News

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Henderson Settles with Convict in 2007 Tasing Incident

HENDERSON, Nev. - In the wake of the recent settlement involving a man beaten by Henderson Police, more questions are being asked about other incidents involving officers in Henderson. One such incident happened in 2007 when a man was arrested for domestic battery.

The City of Henderson released video of the incident to 8 News NOW, along with the 911 calls made that day.

"We've got a really bad domestic disturbance," a 911 caller told a dispatcher. "This (guy) is beating the <expletive> out of a couple of ladies over here."

Richard Allen Perez was convicted of a number of charges including domestic battery, coercion and torture of an animal. Eight people called 911 that day in March to report Perez beating up two women in an apartment. They could be heard screaming in the background in a number of calls. When police arrived, they found Perez nude in the apartment and behaving erratically.

The home was also trashed and the two victims and a child were barricaded in the bathroom. Officers tried to take Perez into custody, but he began threatening officers and became combative. That's when police used a Taser on him.

According to the police report, Perez continued to fight the officers as they tried to get him out of the apartment. They used a Taser on him several more times. Police also used a Taser on him in the hospital several hours later, when he tried to grab an officer's gun from his holster.

Perez was eventually arrested, charged and convicted. Three years later, the City of Henderson settled with him regarding the incident for $100,000.

Henderson spokesman Bud Cranor says even though Perez was convicted, it was a business decision to settle. He said it wasn't worth the cost of going to court and spending taxpayer dollars.

"Our police have to deal with tens of thousands of calls every year, and most of the calls they respond to are dangerous," Cranor said. "They put their lives on the line for people, so they have to make calls, judgment decisions, in the heat of the moment. They are very well trained, and we have a very safe city."

"So, I think residents can be assured they are out there doing that and keeping them safe. Sometimes, there are things that happen that causes us to look at incidents like this and evaluate the way we do things, but yeah I think they can feel safe."

Cranor also says if something like this were to happen today, he's not sure the outcome would be the same. Cranor points to new city personnel which will soon include a new police chief.


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