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Nearly 200 Lifeguard Jobs to Open for Teens in Henderson | News

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Nearly 200 Lifeguard Jobs to Open for Teens in Henderson

LAS VEGAS -- Teens looking for summer jobs have faced some pretty stiff competition since the economy tanked. Unemployed adults also got in line, looking for any jobs that were paying.

But things are starting to turn around again, and at the Heritage Park Aquatic Complex in Henderson, the pool has been busy. With kids out for Spring Break, some teens got a jump finding that summer job and participated in the Junior Lifeguard Program.

The perennial job was what a lot of teens just assumed would always be there. But the jobs started going to over-qualified people who were also out of work. Nevada ranks third for the highest unemployment rate among teens, only behind Washington D.C. and California.

A recent study put the rate at 31.9 percent for 16 to 19-year-olds. But that has been dropping gradually -- a sign that things could be improving.

"Now that everyone's been used to being in the dumps for so long, and now its gradually making it up a little bit, it's getting easier and it's showing a little bit more possibilities for everyone else," said lifeguard Anna Carducci.

The indoor pool is open year round, but three other seasonal pools in Henderson are set to open, bringing 184 job openings. Managers expect as many as 300 people to apply for these open summer jobs.


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