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Boulder Strip Sees Gambling Boom | News

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Boulder Strip Sees Gambling Boom

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada casinos are winning again, showing five straight months of revenue gains -- the first such streak in six years. Overall, casinos won 5.7 percent more in February than they did one year ago, up to $932.2 million for the month.

About half of that came from the Las Vegas Strip, but some of the biggest improvements came from casinos on Boulder Highway. The Boulder Strip saw a 23 percent jump in revenue from February 2011 to 2012. But some of the managers at local casinos said the numbers are skewed because the Gaming Control Board includes the M Resort, Sunset Station, and Green Valley Ranch in their analysis of the gaming area.

The general manager of the Skyline and Longhorn Casinos say they're up and down every month by around five percent. Locals casino revenue is up 12 percent, mainly due to slots. Either more people are playing, or more of the players are losing.

Barry Lehrer owns the Fifth Avenue Pub at Charleston and Las Vegas Boulevards and says his bottom line is up at least 20 percent.

"People were afraid to gamble -- they were losing their houses. A lot less people are losing their houses and so they have extra money, and when you have extra money, you're either a drinker, a womanizer, or a gambler," he said.

Many people were playing slots inside the Skyline this morning. Many of them say they play slots because the payout is better. Although in February, casinos made 10 percent more on slots than the year before.

Surprisingly, where some of the big casinos here made money was on table games. Craps saw a huge increase year over year, and that was a big boost to the overall numbers.


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