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Smoke Detector Alerts Family of Fire

The Henderson Fire Department responded to a house fire at the 2100 block Tour Edition Dr. in the Green Valley area of Henderson at 11:19pm Friday night.

Upon arriving firefighters found four of the residents who had evacuated the home, thanks in part to the smoke detectors alerting them to the fire, standing in the front yard. The residents informed the firefighters that the fire was in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house.

Firefighters were able to get water on the fire quickly and had it extinguished shortly after their arrival. The fire was believed to be accidental in nature but the cause is still be investigated. The total amount of damage to the house was estimated to be $100,000. 

Reward Offered for Information of Missing St. George Man

HENDERSON, Nev. -- A $10,000 reward is now being offered for information that could lead to clues to the whereabouts of a St. George, Utah man last seen in Henderson in mid-December.

Steven Kosher's car was found abandoned in a Sun City Anthem Cul-de-sac on December 13, 2009. He was last seen on surveillance video walking away from his car.

Where is Steven Koecher?

Koecher's family held a press conference Friday on the steps of Henderson's City Hall to announce the reward and offer updates on the investigation.

"We ask for a week of vigilance here in Las Vegas. If people keep their eyes out, they might find him or see someone who looks like him. We appreciate all clues," said Steven's father Rolf Koecher.

Henderson Private School to Close

HENDERSON, Nev. -- During tough times, private schools don't do too well. Henderson International School is closing their high school. That leaves hundreds of parents scrambling to find new schools for their teenagers.

Henderson International is a group of three campuses. The high school is closing and the two remaining K-8 campuses are merging into one. That leaves Findlay Prep, one of the nation's top high school basketball teams, without a home.

Laurie Stoveken is now looking for a new school for her ninth grade son, Chris.

"I'm feeling what my kid is feeling right now -- he's lost. He's been here since third grade. This isn't a school, this is a home to him," she said.

The recession forced the high school to run at a $1 million loss last year. Many parents can't pay the $15,000 to $20,000 a year tuition private schools charge.