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Henderson Dinosaur Park Gets New Addition

Henderson Dinosaur Park Gets New Addition

A Henderson man who turned his back yard into a dinosaur park got a rare new addition Friday.

Steve Springer is the curator of Shan-gri-la Prehistoric Park, which features 35 dinosaur statues. The 36th statue arrived Friday and a crane had to be used to put it in the park.

It is a 21-foot long, 78-inches high and 51-inches wide replica of a postosuchus, which was a carnivore that lived in the late Triassic period.

The company that made the dinosaur model has stopped making this kind. He is the only of his type in North America.

"I wanted to put something in it that would give everybody a smile every time they came by, and I thought about how hard it would be to do dinosaurs?" Springer said.

It took Spring six months to bring the statue from the Philippines.

Swine Dining: Pigs Feast on Discarded Pumpkins

Swine Dining: Pigs Feast on Discarded Pumpkins


Don’t throw away that Halloween pumpkin just yet: RC Farms will gladly turn it into pig food.

RC Farms, a North Las Vegas pig farm, again will collect used pumpkins at locations throughout southern Nevada through Monday. If you would prefer to feed a pig yourself, you can bring your pumpkin to RC Farms during business hours from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. until Monday. The farm is located in North Las Vegas at the corner of North 5th Street and Ann Road.

Last year, the effort resulted in more than 10 tons of donated pumpkins. Farm owner Bob Combs hopes to bring in 15 tons this year.

Drop-off locations are:

Flyboard Water Jet-Pak Debuts at Lake Las Vegas


(Note: Promotional video provided by Zapata Racing is in French.)

If you think you’ve seen it all on the water, this might make you think twice.

The “Flyboard” Water Jet-Pak makes its American debut Wednesday in a demonstration that runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Lake Las Vegas.

The personal watercraft propels riders skyward on a powerful jet stream of water and allows extended aerial maneuvers, along with dives and belo-surface speeds that rival underwater creatures, according to product manufacturers.

The “Flyboard” is the creation of jet ski racer Franky Zapata, owner of Zapata Racing, headquartered in Le Rove, France. Zapata will perform aerial stunts and dives at the water’s edge in MonteLago Village. Spectators are also invited to view the demonstration from atop the 80-foot La Contessa yacht moored in the adjacent marina.

Crane Removes Car from Lake Las Vegas

A 100-foot crane was used Monday to remove a BMW from Lake Las Vegas.

The silver 7 series BMW reportedly went out of control while its owner unloaded the trunk around 5 p.m. Sunday. It then rolled down a hill and into the lake, where it sank into about 18 feet of water and sat overnight.

The crane removed the car near 5 p.m. Monday.

(Hat tip to The Henderson Press)