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Woman Accused of Murdering Baby Gets No Bail

HENDERSON, Nv -- The 19-year-old woman accused of smothering her baby after giving birth at home will stay in jail with no bail.

Carmela Camero appeared in a Henderson Justice Court this morning. Her arraignment date is set for December 8th.

Camero is charged with murder in the death of her newborn boy in August. Police say Camero told them she gave birth to the child at home and suffocated the child out of fear that her mother would find out she had been pregnant.

Police say this was the second baby that Camero gave birth to that ended up dead. In 2006, police say Camero gave birth to a stillborn baby girl and left the baby in the trash at the Mirage.

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Neighborhood Residents Upset Over Halfway House Plans

The planning commission were to vote Tuesday on whether to allow a federal halfway house near a residential neighborhood.

People in the Avalon Village subdivision near Eastern and Sunset say they learned about the halfway house from a flyer in the neighborhood and not the county.

One after another, several people filed into the commission chambers with one thing in mind -- try and stop the commission from putting a halfway house in their neighborhood.

“Everybody has a stake in this and it's just a wrong place to put this,” said Melvin Smith.

The idea of having criminals living so close raised lots of concerns by neighbors who expressed it to the planning commission.

“I understand their concerns. I understand that this may not be the best thing for their homes, their kids,” said planning commissioner Greg Esposito.

Annual Sunset Walk This Weekend

The Henderson Parks and Recreation Department is planning a two-mile annual Sunset Walk this weekend on Anthem East Trail.

Participants should plan to meet at 4 p.m. Saturday at Anthem Hills Park off Reunion Drive and Sonatina Drive. The first half of the walk is one mile uphill to an overlook, and city parks and recreation official Jennifer Magby says walkers of all ages can expect to see great sunset and city views.

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Direct Selling Makes Comeback in Down Economy


After becoming the victims of corporate layoffs and downsizing, some women are choosing to become the boss of their own business.

An expo Thursday in Henderson is aimed at connecting women with products they can sell on their own.

Beside her elaborately laid-out table, Debra Weiss shows off her treasures of scented wax and warmers. For Weiss, this is not a hobby, but a passion -- one that has helped her thrive in a down economy. “I would say now it is paying my mortgage, which surprised me. A little side business just took off,” she said.

Working in real estate for the past 15 years, Weiss says she fell into direct selling. “I don't think anyone can't use the extra money. Real estate has been quite volatile, so getting the extra money has helped me do those things that I could not have if I just depended on that one job,” she said.

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I-Team: Controversial High School Play will Open

A group of parents attempting to stop this weekend's performance of "The Laramie Project" at Green Valley High School have lost their case.

District Judge David Wall said that attendance to this play and "Rent" later in the year are a matter of choice. Some parents felt the subject matter which deals with homosexuality was too adult for the high school students.

"The Laramie Project" opens Thursday night at Green Valley High School.


Marine Murder Investigation has Ties to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nv. -- Military authorities have a man with ties to Las Vegas in custody for the murder of another marine.

It started early Friday morning when authorities found a marine dead in the woods near Camp Lejeune base in North Carolina. Twenty-one-year-old Private Jonathan Law in custody. Law who went to Silverado High School in Las Vegas has not been formally charged with murder as the investigation continues.

Law is in the hospital with what appears to be self-inflicted wounds. The victim's cause of death has not been determined at this time, but officials say a gun was not involved. Law joined the marines in August of 2006. He is a supply administration clerk. He served in Iraq for about seven months and has received some awards for his service.

New Interchange Opens in Henderson Wednesday

Officials say a Green Valley High School drum line will lead the way over a new U.S. 95 freeway interchange opening at Galleria Drive in Henderson.

The Tuesday morning ceremony comes before the interchange officially opens early Wednesday. Officials say the $66 million project took 18 months. It's designed to relieve traffic congestion at the nearby Russell Road and Sunset Road interchanges, and improve access near the Galleria at Sunset shopping center.

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