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Cutting Paystubs Saves Cash for Henderson | Money / Finance

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Cutting Paystubs Saves Cash for Henderson
Money / Finance
Cutting Paystubs Saves Cash for Henderson

Saving money in a budget crisis comes down to items as simple as paystubs for the city of Henderson.

By eliminating the automatic generation of a paystub for employees on direct deposit, the city put $20,000 a year back in its coffers. It’s a drop in bucket when compared to the expected $19 million budget shortfall in 2012, but city officials see the change as one of a larger group that will help ease the pain.

Most city employees receive their paychecks through direct deposit while also receiving a printed paycheck stub. The check stubs were printed by the Finance Department, sorted, delivered to departments and then distributed to each employee.

Employees from the Finance Department researched the possibility of no longer printing the paycheck stubs and making them available online instead. What they found was the city could save about $20,000 per year.

“For the last few years we have continually looked for ways to cut costs and work more efficiently,” said City Manager Mark Calhoun. “Although this is one small change, collectively all the adjustments we’ve made add up to millions of dollars in reductions.”

Employees needing a printed copy of their paycheck stub can access it online and view it or print it out themselves if needed. An electronic format is also available that can be emailed for employment verification. There is no cost to implement this collaborative effort between the Finance Department and Department of Information Technology.

In the past three years, 179 city employees have accepted buyout packages. The city has enacted $90 million in budget cuts, including pay cuts, in a similar time frame.

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